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FROM - ISS Facility Services Restoration:

"The service Margaret Hodge in general has been very good. Due to nature of our work we have a very high turnover, especially with new starts and agency supplied temporary staff. Debbie has been up to the task of supplying us with labour, sometimes at very short notice.Recently I had to quote on a job, where, had we won the tender, we would have needed around 20 men onsite within 2 days. Debbie managed to sort this out and arrange for the labour to be available, this was impressive. Unfortunately we did not win the contract.

Overall I’m very happy with the service provided and the men we have working for us onsite, at present, are very good, reliable and hard working. All of whom I’d be happy to have on any of my jobs.We receive a timesheet on a weekly basis, populated with the names of the staff currently working for us, this is regularly out of date with mis-spelled names and names of men who have left site, or does not contain the names of men who are working for us. This does cause confusion for my administrator and out accounts department, who are tasked with completing and returning the time sheet to you. This is not a major problem but is an annoyance and inconvenience and it would help greatly, if this was checked for accuracy every week before sending through to us."

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